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  About The Creator of Jodian After Shave...The Man Behind The Brand!

Jodian Medicated After Shave and Skin Conditioner was created by African American Pharmacist, Johnnie L. Early, II and his wife Diane back in 1982.  Dr. Early is the Dean of  Pharmaceutical Sciences at The University Of Toledo, Ohio.  This pharmacist has also served on the faculty of pharmacy schools at FAMU and MUSC.  After experimenting with several formulations, the current formula was developed and still remains today one that has proven highly effective for men of African American, Mediterranean and many other ethnic backgrounds.  Because of his own struggles with razor bumps, Dr. Early was compelled to try to come up with a formulation that would alleviate his problem and this product certainly has done that and more. Jodian After Shave and Skin Conditioner solves razor bump problems and allows users to display a clean shaven and professional appearance.

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