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Join us...now you can become a Jodian Products Distributor!!

Jodian Medicated After Shave and Skin Conditioner

Those who have become loyal customers of Jodian Medicated After Shave and Skin Conditioner have often commented, "I need to get some extra bottles so I can sell them to my friends!".  Well, we have listened and now there is a solution!  

Become an Independent Distributor of our product, and you will have the opportunity to buy Jodian Medicated After Shave and Skin conditioner wholesale!  This is a huge opportunity to create your own business by simply becoming a partner with us and promoting this fantastic product in your community!  Whether it's to your local area barbers, hair salons, or your even your friends and family.....the possibilities are endless!  If you are in the beauty/barbering business, this is a great way to increase your revenue with product sales!  There are people all over the world who have yet to discover this amazing product, and we can introduce it to them...TOGETHER!

Jodian Products is fully committed to your success.  As an Independent Distributor , not only will you receive product that you can begin to sell immediately, we will also provide you with effective marketing materials including business cards, rack cards/brochures, sample vials and wall posters to display advertisement to promote the sale of Jodian!  We have developed this program in such a way to make it extremely affordable for those who want to share in our success, and of course...very profitable for you as well!.  Please contact us for more details and to get started TODAY!