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Jodian introduces "The Smooth Face".  Jodian Medicated After Shave and Skin Conditioner is a mixture of carefully selected ingredients which have proven themselves over several decades to promote healing. 

Our product is not composed primarily of water and fragrance, it also has astringent and moisturizing properties.  So in addition to moisturizing the skin as water does, the ingredients found in Jodian Medicated After Shave and Skin Conditioner also promote healing of skin damage and razor bumps due to ingrown hairs.  This product also helps to prevent the development of common problems associated with shaving if used according to directions.  Why suffer with razor bumps, and other shaving related issues?  Try Jodian Medicated After Shave and Skin Conditioner, and begin healing and soothing your skin today!

Jodian Skin Conditioner has been on the market for over 25 years, and people have raved about our product.  From Barbers to military personnel, and of course many other consumers have requested to buy our product in bulk so they could have the opportunity to retail it to others.  Well, we have listened and we're so happy to share that now....you have that opportunity!  Become a Jodian Distributor and enjoy the rewards of selling a fantastic product that not only works wonders, but will afford you the opportunity to increase your revenues if you're already in business, or maybe even start your own business in your spare time!  This website was created to be the marketplace for those wanting to share in our success, and we at Jodian Products are dedicated to your success as well.  

Jodian Medicated After Shave and Skin Conditioner
Jodian introduces "The Smooth Face".  Do the right thing for your face....use Jodian Skin Conditioner!
You don't have to suffer with razor bumps anymore

Stop suffering with razor bumps and ingrown hairs today!  Jodian is the answer!

Women use Jodian Skin Conditioner for skin irritation

Jodian Medicated After Shave and Skin Conditioner can help soothe and heal your skin!